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Coucou, mes amis! When this post goes up, I'll be on my family holiday in France! Spending time away with other people, makes it so noticeable how different everyone's camera-habits can be!

Here are 7 styles of holiday photography that I have come across. Are you o...

Getting in a tangle

I realise I have gradually started using the word 'memories' to mean 'records', and objects like photos, diaries, letters, keepsakes, etc.

Maybe this is because I don't to put you off, because the word 'record' sounds a bit more dry than I mean?

But th...

This article is based on one short chapter from Daniel Miller's The Comfort of Things. An all-round excellent book, by the way! It is full of lovable portraits of people, and the stories behind their homes and possessions.


One of the people portrayed in the book...

Step 0: Why?

Why do you want to download your data from Facebook?

If your main interest is in photos, you'll find the photos on Facebook are of a lower quality than the originals. So if you are hoping for higher quality images, then try to find the pictures you took. Or...

Know your why

As always, there is no point in lurching into something unless you have a clear reason for doing so!

So ask yourself these two questions:

1. Which digital content do you want to rename?

2. What is the outcome you want to achieve by renaming them?

My answers: I...

Take this quiz to see how safe your digital photos are in the long term.

Now What?

Are you happy with your score? If yes, wooo for you :D

If not, and you are wondering what to do next, then head over to my How to Start Your Digital Archive article for a breakdown of how t...

This article on how to archive your Instagram photos is a collaboration with the wonderful Anastasia Sk! I wrote the guide, and she created the video demos using her beautiful Instagram account.

Know your why

There are tons of reasons why you might want to archive your I...

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To receive all future articles in a monthly email and get your FREE How to Start a Digital Archive Workbook!

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Deciding to declutter your digital stuff is overwhelming.

This week I wanted to share this fabulous video by Muchelleb. This is by far my favourite "Digital Declutter" video on YouTube! I love how straightforward her tips are, how no-nonsense her attitude is, and h...

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