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Over the last 20ish weeks, I have been doing a Deep Dive Series into how personal archiving can be an act of love (both of self-love, and as a way of connecting with others).

I have been thinking about what kinds of things people care about, and why people care so much...

If you use Facebook, Google or Windows 10, you might want to read this article. It's about the tactics and strategies they use to manipulate you away from selecting privacy-friendly settings.

Read the full article here!


1. "Facebook and Google have privacy intrusive...

Just a quick one this week because - you know - I'm writing my MA dissertation, and everything.

Here are some musings on the theme of archives and love!

1. People create digital things because the love what they're doing

2. People capture their IRL creations as part of ce...

Oh my goodness everyone! You have to hear about this!

(Sorry, not sorry if you're not as excited about this as I am!)

I came across this game this week, which helps you care for your digital stuff!

The aim of the game

To tend your garden by removing weeds and growing plant...

Often, the purpose of keeping an item is as a reminder of the past. But even so, that item - and the decision to keep it - still serves an important function in the present.

6 reasons people do keep stuff:

1. To define yourself.

Items that reflect who you are, or which y...

The question I was pondering this week was: when did people start writing about personal digital collections? By "people", I mean archivists and record-keepers. And by "writing", I mean publishing academic/scholarly articles. In English.

I started out by singling out Ar...

These are some thoughts I had after reading:

Marshall, Catherine C., Sara Bly, and Francoise Brun-Cottan. ‘The Long Term Fate of Our Digital Belongings: Toward a Service Model for Personal Archives’. ArXiv:0704.3653 [Cs], 26 April 2007.


We are about halfway through the Personal Digital Archiving Series. That makes it a pretty good time for me to sit down and think back over what I've learned so far.

What's the point of all this?

My mission is to help creative people care for the long-term future of...

As I mentioned in my last article, I have been having some really interesting conversations lately about how people live their digital lives!

Aside: These conversations have been a part of another project I am currently working on. So at least until that project is fi...

Last weekend, I had some really interesting conversations with some really lovely people, about their digital stuff! I really enjoyed thinking about things from other people's points of view, and finding out about what people care about and how they care for it.

Here ar...

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To receive all future articles in a monthly email and get your FREE How to Start a Digital Archive Workbook!

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