Archiving SMS | Why you should back up your texts




Does this sound familiar?


You're trying to have a clear-out, and you come across an old mobile phone. You think to yourself:


"Ah, yes. I don't need that any more. I'll get rid of it. But I'd better wipe it first. But there are texts on there from my family members/lovers/friends (delete as appropriate). Some of those messages are special to me. Ugh! I'll just... pop it back in this drawer, while I decide what to do with it..."


Yeah, me too. I can't begin to count the number of times I have picked up my old BlackBerry, dithered a bit, and then put it down again.


So I gave myself a talking-to, and sat down to write an article called "How to Archive texts from your BlackBerry".


(can you see where this is going?)


Found my old phone.


Battery was flat, so I charged it.


Did some research on how to download said texts.


Navigated to my text messages, aaaand...


Found one text. One. The first one I sent from the device. And no others.


So that's why you should download text messages you care about. Especially when you switch to a new device. Mine had been sitting there for yeeeaaars!


The (predictable) morals of the story are:


1. procrastinating is bad

2. technology is fallible

3. back up your treasures!


Thanks for reading this nonsense! I mean, I could have thought of a different topic to write this week's article about, but... I hope you've had a laugh at my expense!


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