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digital creativity. Archive Robin

I see you.

Shooting YouTube videos, writing blog posts, sharing quirky photos. People like you put so much love and creativity out into the internet.

And you - if you never share your work, and just create for the joy of it - you're incredible!

Keep it up. Because what you're doing is amazing.

(If that sounds hollow because I don't know you, then tweet @ArchiveRobin a link to your favourite project. I bet you I'm not wrong!)

Thank you for making the world a better and more beautiful place.

I use the expression "digital treasures" a lot in this blog. That's because I want you to know that what you create is valuable and worth cherishing.

if you have invested in creating things in digital form, you deserve to keep it safe!

My name is Charlotte Robinson

(hence the "Robin" part of the blog's name!)

I care about helping you make sure your digital creations last long-term. I am training as an archivist, and am so excited to share what I'm learning with you.


If you feel like my content can help you, I’d love for you to join my mailing list. You'll get one email a month, including all my new content and the occasional freebee. Or you can always reach out to me directly at


If you don't fancy signing up, that's okay IF YOU PROMISE to back up your work today! ;)

Thanks again for visiting. Keep on imagining, creating, and being an excellent human! 

Charlotte x

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