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Deep Dive into Personal Archiving | Why stuff matters (to us)!

Deep dive into personal digital archiving. Why stuff matters

I have a special announcement for you! (Eeeeeee!!)

I am launching a new series:

A Deep Dive into Personal Archiving

I care about personal archiving because I see it as an expression of love.

(Okay, I know - but stick with me, though!)

It is an act of self-love, in the form of celebrating where you have come from, and what you have been through. It helps you acknowledge the experiences that have made you who you are today. And understanding your past can help you take control of your own future.

And it is an act that affirms our relationships with others. By caring for our personal or family records we make an enduring gesture of connectedness. It is an act that links people both backwards in time, and forwards.

So that's what I currently think, and this series is going be my way of testing this idea.

What is coming!

A lot of excellent people have written about on this subject! So over the next few months, I am going to be doing lots of reading, learning and thinking. Aaaand, I'm taking you all along for the ride!

I will be sharing my thoughts as I am going along - adopting Dr Adrienne Keene's principle of "consenting to learn in public". In that spirit, I welcome being corrected/challenged, if you would like to - whether on Twitter or via email.

You can expect bite-sized summaries of studies or articles, and brief accounts of debates or issues that I come across. If you don't want to miss any of the installments in this series, then be sure to sign up to receive them via email!

I don't want to be trundling along in an echo-chamber, though! So I will be reaching out to you in the next few weeks - look out for that!

I'm excited to get going! Eeeee!! Thanks for reading!

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