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12 things to do when you have created something fabulous

What to do when you've created something fabulous | 12 ideas to celebrate your creativity

I'm all about caring for your digital treasure. And I've chatted before about what I mean by "digital treasure". So this week, I want to have a think about what such acts of care look like.

Here are 12 different ways - that I can think of - in which we show care for our creative accomplishments. And I guess it doubles as a list of ideas for celebrating your amazing achievements!

When you have made something amazing:

1. Create more! This is by far the most important! If you love it, and it fulfils you, and you're creating beautiful things - never stop. That is literally what life is about!

2. Hone, tweak and polish (unless you're a perfectionist; in which case - stop that! It's fabulous! Move on to...)

3. Step back and admire what you've made. Take a moment to properly feel the feels!

4. Show off! Share it with your friends, circulated it to your network. (Who else do you think is going to blow your trumpet?)

5. Give it away (or sell it) to someone who loves it!

6. Use it as it was designed to be used!

7. Rearrange, sort and organise your creations to show them off to their best advantage.

8. Publish it, exhibit it, perform it, <insert appropriate verb here>.

9. Winnow all your creations. Clear out the work that makes you feel less proud, to draw the spotlight on only the best.

10. Protect it from being accidentally lost or damaged (obviously).

11. Keep learning. Keep getting better.

12. Get excited and talk about it all the time!

To conclude: you are incredible!

Yes, you.

Keep it up and be proud of yourself!

I'd love for you to share one of your favourite creations over on twitter (cf. No. 4 above). Tag @ArchiveRobin and I'll retweet!

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