When did people start writing about personal digital collections? | more articles from UK, Canada & US


Last week I shared a list of 7 Australian articles that were some of the earliest to talk about personal digital collections. I'm following that up some more articles from the UK, the US and Canada.




Sexton, Anna, Turner, Chris, Yeo, Geoffrey & Hockey, Susan (2004) Understanding users: a prerequisite for developing new technologies, Journal of the Society of Archivists, 25:1, 33-49,DOI: 10.1080/0037981042000199133.


Thomas, Susan & Martin, Janette (2006) Using the papers of contemporary British politicians as a testbed for the preservation of digital personal archives, Journal of the Society of Archivists, 27:1, 29-56, DOI: 10.1080/00039810600691254




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Hobbs, Catherine. "The Character of Personal Archives: Reflections on the Value of Records of Individuals." Archivaria [Online], 52 (2001): 126-135.




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Hedstrom, Margaret, Lee, Christopher, Olson, Judith and Lampe, Clifford (2006) "The Old Version Flickers More": Digital Preservation from the User's Perspective. The American Archivist: Spring/Summer 2006, Vol. 69, No. 1, pp. 159-187. https://doi.org/10.17723/aarc.69.1.1765364485n41800


There's more!


Obviously there's more - a lot more - that has been written in the archival literature. These are just some I came across while browsing for early conversations about personal digital collections.


Thank you for reading :)


This is part of my Deep Dive into Personal Digital Archiving Series.


Series Intro: Why Stuff Matters (to us)?

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