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Deception by Design | Manipulated into Giving Data Away

Deception By Design | How we're manipulated into giving up our privacy | Archive Robin

If you use Facebook, Google or Windows 10, you might want to read this article. It's about the tactics and strategies they use to manipulate you away from selecting privacy-friendly settings.


1. "Facebook and Google have privacy intrusive defaults, where users who want the privacy friendly option have to go through a significantly longer process."

2. "They obscure some of these settings so that the user cannot know that the more privacy intrusive option was preselected."

3. "The popups from Facebook, Google and Windows 10 have design, symbols and wording that nudge users away from the privacy friendly choices."

4. "Choices are worded to compel users to make certain choices, while key information is omitted or downplayed.

5. "None of them lets the user freely postpone decisions.

6. "Facebook and Google threaten users with loss of functionality or deletion of the user account if the user does not choose the privacy intrusive option."


I mean we knew this already, right. But seeing it laid out like this is just...!!!

If you want to find out what Facebook and Google have got on you, then I have a couple of articles for that:

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