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5 Reasons Why Personal Digital Collections are a Labour of Love

Personal Archiving is a Labour of love | Archive Robin | photos

Just a quick one this week because - you know - I'm writing my MA dissertation, and everything.

Here are some musings on the theme of archives and love!

1. People create digital things because the love what they're doing

2. People capture their IRL creations as part of celebrating their accomplishments.

3. People work on projects together with the people they love.

4. People love their digital objects - especially photos and emails - because those things represent people they love.

5. People show their love for each other by sharing their digital things. So much so, that your collections end up having a lot of overlap!

What do you think?

What did I miss? What is it about your digital stuff that you love the most?

Thanks for dropping by :)

This mini-article is part of my Deep Dive into Personal Digital Archiving Series.

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