Getting in a tangle

I realise I have gradually started using the word 'memories' to mean 'records', and objects like photos, diaries, letters, keepsakes, etc.

Maybe this is because I don't to put you off, because the word 'record' sounds a bit more dry than I mean?

But th...

10 years ago, the British Library (and a bunch of other UK institutions) did a huge project called the Digital Lives Research Project.

The aim was to understand how people accumulated digital stuff. What did do with it, and did they want to happen to it in the future....

My musings on the series so far, and also my thoughts on:

McKemmish, Sue. ‘Evidence of Me’. The Australian Library Journal 45, no. 3 (January 1996): 174–87.

So far in this series, I have written about how important life sto...

This article is based on:

Etherton, Judith. ‘The Role of Archives in the Perception of Self’. Journal of the Society of Archivists 27, no. 2 (October 2006): 227–46.

Our past is important for constructing our identity.

Judith Ethe...

Here are some thoughts I had after reading:

Cushing, Amber L. ‘Highlighting the Archives Perspective in the Personal Digital Archiving Discussion’. Library Hi Tech 28, no. 2 (15 June 2010): 301–12.

Looking after your digital tre...

This article is based on one short chapter from Daniel Miller's The Comfort of Things. An all-round excellent book, by the way! It is full of lovable portraits of people, and the stories behind their homes and possessions.


One of the people portrayed in the book...

I have a special announcement for you! (Eeeeeee!!) 

I am launching a new series:

A Deep Dive into Personal Archiving

I care about personal archiving because I see it as an expression of love.

(Okay, I know - but stick with me, though!)

It is an act of self-love, in the form...

Step 0: Why?

Why do you want to download your data from Facebook?

If your main interest is in photos, you'll find the photos on Facebook are of a lower quality than the originals. So if you are hoping for higher quality images, then try to find the pictures you took. Or...

Does this sound familiar?

You're trying to have a clear-out, and you come across an old mobile phone. You think to yourself:

"Ah, yes. I don't need that any more. I'll get rid of it. But I'd better wipe it first. But there are texts on there from my family members/lovers...

I wish I had more time to read!

I expect lots of you can relate to this.

And yes, we all know that it's not so much having time, as making time to read. But then there's that moment when you do have a few minutes to kill - at a bus stop or something - and then you're ove...

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by Charlotte | @ArchiveRobin

Deciding to declutter your digital stuff is overwhelming.

This week I wanted to share this fabulous video by Muchelleb. This is by far my favourite "Digital Declutter" video on YouTube! I love how straightforward her tips are, how no-nonsense her attitude is, and h...

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